The Story of three girls, separated at birth, lead separate lives, gain the power of the elements, their names are Annie, Terri and Cat and together, they're THE MARCH SISTERS! This is based in the south Wales area


"Dearie time to wake up, it's your first day at secondry school." I heard my dad say, I whined like my husky puppy Nanook and gave my dad big green puppy eyes.

"Five more minutes?" I asked in my lisp, he chuckled and shook his head.

"No sorry, c'mon up." He said, I moaned and got up, I brushed my hair, brushed my teeth, washed my face and got changed into my school uniform which was a navy pleated skirt, a blue t-shirt and a navy jumper with the school's logo on it, I picked up my 'Monster High' bag and my black fleece jacket and went downstairs.

"Morning honey." my mum said, I nodded and smiled.

"Morning mum." I said grabbing a slice of toast from my older sisters plate, she was in year nine.

"Oi brat that's mine!" she said, I took a bite out of it.

"Is it?" I asked, she scowled and got up grabbing her 'One Direction' bag.

"Where are you going?" my dad asked her.

"Bus stop." she said.

"Alexia, you promised to take Terri to the bus stop." my father said, Alexia scoffed,

"Tell Ronnie to do it." she said and left, Ronnie came downstairs hitting everything in sight with her drumsticks, Ronnie was in the year above Alexia, 

"Someone say my name?" she asked, I smiled, Ronnie was my favourite sister, she was constantly singing and moving and shaking, my brothers Nick and Gabriel came downstairs also, they were in Sixth Form in the boys school.

"Veronica dear, could you accompany your sister to the bus stop?" my mother asked giving me some money, my mother was Louise Gold, she was famous for her singing, her fashion line and acting.

"Sure! C'mon sis!" Ronnie said and grabbed my arm and we ran out of the house to the bus stop, we had ten minutes for the bus so we went into the Local shop and bought some drinks, I picked up a can of Fanta and a cereal bar, I went to the counter and paid for them, while Ronnie bought a Kerrang magazine and a milkshake, I smiled at her and waited as she paid and then we headed to the bus stop.

"Christ! The bus is early." I said and me and Ronnie ran down to the bus stop, where we got to it just in time.

The End

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