Survival Log

Vera's Survival Log

5:45 P.M.

Another year has passed from Lance's death. The day after he died, I left the League. I wanted an out and Vincent let me. I took Lance's ashes with me to find his family. As I landed on Earth, I sought out the Wilson family. Vincent had given me the most information he could to help me. He narrowed me down to just a street and I was thankful.

Lance's dad, Daniel welcomed me with no ease, along with Lance's sisters, Emily and Charlotte. I was right about them, they reflected Lance's appearance and Daniel reminded me of him. I lived with them for awhile and now I live across the street from them. Yes, I'm able to have a house now. The population is down 90% from the attack but the minds of the last 10% have been mended. A lot of the League's members have quit, coming back to Earth. We all learned our lesson. There was no victory in our missions. I knew the Wandering wouldn't come back if we didn't provoke them. The community has been helping out each other. It's nice to see so many people working for one specific cause again. At least one with good intention.

I live alone, with my father and Lance being dead. However, I go over to the Wilson house almost every day. Like I promised Lance, I tell them of our battles, our wins, and our training. I even tell them his last words. I know his father is grieved but he smiles at the countless times I tell them about Lance.

The planet is slowly returning to what it was. The Wandering are somewhere in the universe but they're away. The Wandering killed my father so I left Earth. The Wandering killed Lance and I returned here. The aliens have done a lot of unforgivable things to me but I'll live through it.

I'll live because of Lance. He gave me a reason to keep surviving. I promised him I would continue to keep surviving no matter the circumstances.

I intend on keeping that promise.

The End

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