We spent the rest of the day on the beach and came home late, I had to warn Charley not to fall asleep or she’d fall off the bike. We got home at 11pm and went straight to bed, tomorrow was Saturday, Zoey was coming with Luke, then after that Sunday brought a BBQ on the beach in Australia with the gang organised by Jake and Max – Jade’s brother.

I woke up early on Saturday and went into Charley’s room to see if she was awake, her head was hanging off the side of the bed, she tossed and turned in sleep and I watched laughing quietly,

“Rory, hold me and love me. I love you,” she said in a slurred voice, I looked at her. Rory? Hey wasn’t that the name she had said yesterday? I tiptoed out as she slowly woke up, Rory? Who was this Rory? I walked downstairs to be surprised by Zoey’s voice,

“Hey Marc!” she called from the living room, I froze on the stairs, suddenly I wasn’t ready to see her. I was only wearing my long pyjama bottoms, I was topless and I hadn’t even glanced in the mirror,

“What are you doing just standing there?” Charley asked from up the stairs, I looked up at her and knew Zoey and Luke could hear,

“I just trapped my finger on the rail,” I said, this was something I did a lot, the stair rail was well known for eating fingers, the gap between the rail and the wall was small and splintered.

“Ouchy, let me have a look,” Charley said coming down the stairs towards me, I shoved my finger in my mouth and shook my head,

“Oh it’s fine,” I ambled down the stairs and turned into the living room, Zoey and Luke were looking comfortable on the large sofa.

“We forgot about the time difference,” Luke smiled, “We slept during the day yesterday so we’d be awake when you are, but you’re obviously not awake,” he grinned. My voice was always deep in the morning, my hair was always styling the bedhead look and my eyes were small slits not used to the light,

“I probably look a right mess,” I groaned, Luke smiled and came towards me,

“You do, but I’m all up for hugging tramps,” he grinned hugging me, Zoey stood up too and walked over to where Charley and I stood.

“Hey honey,” she said in her American twang and kissed me softly on the lips,

“Sorry morning breath,” I cringed,

“You smell good to me,” she grinned, “You must be Charlotte,” she said turning to Charley who was looking at us with her arms folded.

“Oh so Marc did mention my name?” she asked sourly,

“Charley is always moody in the morning,” I explained, she stuck her tongue out,

“Point proven,” I smiled,

“Hey, I’m Luke,”

“I know, Marc told me everything about you,”

“Everything?” Luke looked anxious, I blushed,

“No, not everything,”

“He said you were sarcastic,” she added, I tuned to Luke,

“Sorry, you kind of are,” I cringed,

“I know, it’s alright mate,” he winked and turned back to Charley. “Nice to finally meet you,” she smiled. Charley’s heart was melted and she smiled back, I took Zoey’s hand and led her into the kitchen,

“Hungry?” I asked,

“Yup,” Luke and Charley answered from behind,

“Breakfast for three, drink anyone?” Once everyone had been fed and watered we went outside to enjoy the morning sun.

“I do love France, I know I’ve only been here for half and hour but I could really settle here,” Zoey said looking out across the landscape,

“Careful buddy, next thing you know she’ll be asking you to marry her,” Luke said nudging me, Zoey narrowed her eyes at Luke and came to sit down next to me on the bench. Charley had left us in peace,

“What do you think is going to happen to us?” I asked after a moment,

“What do you mean?” Luke asked,

“Okay so we’ve been brought together, because as individuals we make up this awesome team, we fight against the Black Ones and now what? We just resume day to day life? What about the relationships we built?”

“I don’t think we’re going to lose our relationship,” Zoey said to me, “And look at William and Lucinda, Jake and Jade, they’re totally in love,”

“Okay, I didn’t mean the couples, but like me and Luke, why are we here now?”

“Because we like each other?” he asked trying to answer my strange question,

“I bet after this BBQ we won’t see half these people again,” I guessed,

“Don’t say that!” Zoey cried,

“It’s just geography, if we all lived on the same street or went to the same school it’d be easier,” I said,

“It’s so sad to think of,” Zoey said,

“I’ll stay in touch with you Luke, and Zoey you don’t have to worry,” I said squeezing her hand,

“Speaking of worry I best get going, Ellie will be wondering where I am,” Luke said getting up, “I’ll see you tomorrow to take you to Australia,” he grinned and swiftly disappeared.

“Looks like you’re staying the night,” I smiled,

“Is that alright?” Zoey asked,

“It’s fine by me, and today we have the whole day to kill,” I grinned getting up, “Let’s not waste one second of it!

The End

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