Finally we arrived, it was 11 O’clock and the sun was beating down on my head and leather jacket,

“I really need to go swimming,” I said feeling sticky and hot,

“Snap, I was clever and put my bikini on beforehand,” Charley grinned and took off her top, it was strange; she was my sister and far too comfortable to just take her top off in front of me. Granted she had a bikini on, I guessed it was just because she had only been my sister for just under two months, it was strange, she was like a friend who you couldn’t hit on. I shrugged and took off my top, little did she know, I was already wearing my swimming shorts too.

“Oh,” she said looking sceptically at me, “It was muscle.” She said with her finger on her chin,

“Like I said,” I laughed,

“What is that? An 8-pack?” she asked gawking, I pushed her away gently, she was making me uncomfortable,

“I’d say a 12-pack,” I said brushing it off, “Race you to the sea!” I cried and bombed across the sand, seconds later the cool water was breezing through my fingers as I glided into the surf. Charley was nowhere in sight, I stood up and looked around; I was supposed to be looking after her. Suddenly something grabbed my leg, embarrassingly enough I screamed – like a girl – and fell into the sea, it all happened so fast I thought I was being eaten by a shark. Charley bobbed up in front of me and grinned,

“Boo!” she laughed. I pursed my lips together and shook my head slowly,

“Oh no you didn’t,” I said slowly,

“Wait before you kill me,” she held a finger up trying to stifle a grin, “can I do an impression of you?” she began to laugh, then composed herself and suddenly she screamed – just like I had – and collapsed into the sea. I dived in after her, grabbing her legs and pulling her back up. She coughed and the began to laugh again,

“Seriously, with a voice as deep as yours, it was just so…” she couldn’t finish due to another laughing fit. I left her in the sea and swam back to shore; I needed time to compose a plan of revenge. By the time she made her way up the beach, I was dry and reading a book on the picnic rug. She dried herself, we ate lunch and then she fell asleep, this was my chance. I got up and walked over to three little children,

“Souhaitez-vous trois, comme pour m’aider à recueillir le plus de crabes maintes pouvez-vous ?” 

“Oui!” they cried and began to help me. Minutes later I had a huge pile of crabs, alive and dead,

“Merci beaucoup!” I smiled and began to arrange them gently on Charley’s sleeping torso. Astonishingly she didn’t wake, this left me time to text Zoey.

Hey Zo. I’m just on the beach with Charley (who is looking forward to meeting you) and as she’s asleep I piled a load of crabs onto her. It’s hilarious! Haha! What are you up to?
Marc xx

My texts always sounded so cheesy, I shrugged, what could I do? I began to read my book again; I then received a reply from Zoey

Marc. Sounds like fun. I’m stuck in school, us Americans go back to school in August. You’re so lucky! I’m in maths = uber dull!
Zoey x

I smiled and closed my eyes, my sleep was interrupted by a high pitch scream, I woke and turned to Charley in shock. As I took in the view I began to laugh uncontrollably,

“Got you!” I cried. She was hopping up and down trying to dodge the crabs which were falling off her body; one had even crawled into her hair.

“You evil…” [I won’t repeat the words she used to describe my hidden dark side.] She screamed, finally when she’d composed herself she came and sat down next to me, “Okay, let’s call it even.” She held out her hand,

“So soon? But this is such fun!” I smiled,

“Seriously Marc, I’d call it even now before something really bad happens!” she warned, I shook her hand and closed the deal. “How long were those things,” she shuddered, “on me?”

“A few hours,” I looked down at her and laughed, she punched me hard on the arm,

“What?!” she demanded,

“They were on long enough to leave crab silhouette tan lines!” she looked down growled in surprise and anger,

“I don’t believe it! I look like a freak!” Where the crabs had been her skin remained white, where they hadn’t been was tanned skin, it was like nothing I’d seen before.

“Look at the size of that pincer.” I noted pointed just by her ribs, there was a huge white skin pincer, she knocked my hand away.

“Oww,” I said as my fingers clicked,

“I hate you,” she growled.

“Oh, c’mon Charley, it’s quite funny!” I smiled,

“You’re a mean cow, you know Rory would never do anything like that!” she cried. I mashed my eyebrows,

“Rory?” I asked, she looked at me,

“I said that?” she asked, I nodded, “I mean Dad, not Rory,” she said quickly,

“Who’s Rory?” I asked,

“No one, I don’t know why I said that name,” she stuttered,

“You can tell me.” I said quietly,

“Well I can’t, I don’t even know someone called Rory!” she said, sounding too flushed, “I think I know, my bikini is from Roxy, I guess I read the label and said Rory, they sound the same?” she said sounding as if she were trying to convince herself too. I let it drop, Rory was a very un-French name, I guessed she must be telling the truth.

The End

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