“What are you going to do today? It’s your last few days before school starts,” said my mum collecting my plate, I stood up,

“Oh man! Already?! I hate school,”

“I know you do, but you have to go,” she looked at me sympathetically, “Perhaps this term you’ll enjoy it more,”

“I doubt it,” I replied. It was strange living in a family with such mixed origins; I spoke French to my mum and English to my dad and sister. But when at meal times we all spoke in French for mum’s sake, so it got confusing when she wasn’t around. I usually drifted in and out of languages when talking to Charlotte and quite often I greeted people in the street with a ‘Hello’ accidently.

“It’s early and going to be a hot day, I think I’ll take Charlotte to the beach,” I said to mum, she nodded and smiled.

“Good idea, I’ll make you a picnic.” I smiled, picked up my phone and texted Zoey my plans, I wasn’t sure why but I wanted to know where she was every moment of everyday, and by using my power I could. So I thought it only fair to allow her the same luxury,

“Charlotte!” I called; she came bounding out into the garden,

“Lorraine told me your plan, let’s go now!” she smiled. (Lorraine is my mum, just to clear up the confusion, obviously she’s not Charley’s mum so she calls her Lorraine, yes my family is confusing!)

“Okay, calm it. Let me get my stuff,” she grinned and chucked my swimming shorts at my face, they splattered against my face and I couldn’t see. I whipped them off my head and raised my eyebrows,

“You cheeky monkey,” I grinned and bolted towards her. She was used to my semi-violent brotherly attacks, squealed and headed out towards the lake at the bottom of our garden.  Being a boy and about a foot taller than her, I could have easily caught her, but I wanted to give her half a chance, she was fast though. That thought slowed me down as I thought of Eve, the girl with the speed, I sighed and then picked up pace, I dove onto Charlotte and we landed on top of each other in a heap. I pinned her down and looked into her eyes,

“You have some nerve little sister,” I grinned and let her go, she stood up and wiped off the grass,

“I’m the best sister you could ever want,” she grinned, I shrugged,

“Eh…” I said, as if to convey a subtle disagreement, she threw a twig at me,

“Don’t go messing with me further, I have a very powerful girlfriend,” I smiled.

“Come on you two! It’ll be the afternoon by the time you get there!” mum yelled to us in French, I headed back to the house, Charley on my tail. I got together my beach stuff and went outside, unlike some friends (Jade, Luke, Zoey and Ben) I couldn’t drive for another two years. I was stuck with my moped which I had been driving since I was fourteen, Charley got on the back and wrapped her arms around my stomach,

“You’re fat Marc,” she complained,

“Your arms aren’t long enough,” I retorted,

“No, it’s the fat,” she giggled,

“Muscle, it’s Mus-cle,” I pronounced it carefully as if she were learning to speak English. We then began our 2 hour journey to the beach.

The End

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