Marc in the Middle

Inbetween two worlds, inbetween missions.

Hi. My name is Marc. I’m 16 years old, almost 17. I live on the outskirts of Toulouse, France. I live with my mom, dad and sister Charlotte. I have the most amazing girlfriend, Zoey. I’m a bit of a rebel in school. I love croissants and swimming in the sea. I’m not very good at grammar but my best subject is English, I speak it better than my teachers at school. I can pretty much speak both languages (English and French) fluently and I think in English, which means, well to be honest I don’t know what that means. And that’s pretty much me. Oh unless you want to include the fact I have a strange power for knowing where people are every moment of everyday, I guess I could write that down here. Oh, I almost forgot, my girlfriend could take on the world’s strongest man and beat him to a pulp, and my group of 8 friends all do some rather cool stuff. Anyway, enough about me and my friends, it’s time I told you the story of my life. Part of it anyway.

Five months ago, in April I think it was, I was serving a detention in school when I heard my name being called, being nosy and bored I wander out onto the field to find out what it was. Strangely enough, and I promise you I’m not going crazy, the thing calling my name was a gem stone, a green jade. Just by touching it I was transported to another world, a parallel world, where people live in fear of the Black Ones. Anyway, one thing led to another [and if you want to read about it – which I would definitely recommend, you’ll have never read anything like it in your life, just follow the link in the author guidance!] and here I am now, with a group of amazing friends and the world’s best girlfriend.


“Marc! Marc!” came a voice which I had come to recognize from a mile off, not that I could hear that far unlike one of my friends!

“What is it Charley?” I called back, “Sorry Zoey, Charlotte’s on my case, can I call you back?” I asked into my mobile, there was a muffled reply and I put the phone down just before she came into the room.

“What is this?” she asked holding up something even I didn’t recognise, I shrugged, “I found it in your sports bag,”

“It looks like a dead rabbit,” I said, she rolled her eyes,

“It’s stinking the house out, may I have your permission to throw it away?” she asked,

“You didn’t even need to ask,” I said casually, she stormed out the room and flew done the stairs. Charlotte was a strange girl, as much as I loved her to bits; she seemed to have been affected – like me – by something supernatural. Something which she wasn’t telling me. She wasn't actually my real sister, she had a different Mother, but the same Father. Making her my half sister, I think, Dad left me and Mum when I was too young to remember, had an affair with another woman. And now here he is, the prodigal husband, Mum forgave him (naturally) and now we're pretty happy. I got off my bed and strolled downstairs,

“Morning Mama,” I said hugging her, she handed me a plate of pancakes and I took the outside into the morning summer air and began to eat. Charlotte returned and sat next to me watching me eat,

“Marc I want you to tell me more about your friends,” she said suddenly,

“Why?” I asked, “I’ve told you pretty much everything I know,”

“I want to meet Zoey as well,” she smiled shyly,

“You will, on Saturday she’s visiting,”

“By plane or by Luke?” she asked,

“Luke, he’s going to hang for an hour or two and then go on to visit Ellie,”

“Why doesn’t he bring Ellie here?”

“Because they’re a couple and want some alone time,” I said flatly, Charley sighed,

“Um, Marc?” she asked after a few minutes of silence, “Have you ever been in love with someone so much that…” she stopped suddenly, I raised an eyebrow,

“So much that…?” I asked,

“Never mind,” she said getting up,

“You’ll find love Charley, I promise,” I said, her eyes suddenly changed, so subtly I wouldn’t have noticed if I wasn’t her brother, her face portray a secret just for a moment before she turned away. I really wanted to get to the bottom of this, but I couldn’t ask her, I knew she wouldn’t say. I would have to do some snooping, but that wasn’t part of my personality, so I figure I’ll just have to wait until she decides to tell me. God knows how long that will be.

The End

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