The Dogond Tree

 In the castle made of Endillen'shen's sacred bones placed in the center of the Elven realm, a single bud burst from the ground. One of the youngest Elves discovered the small, frail green blade, a Elven woman named Dogond, meaning  "star" in their ancient tongue.

  Alone she nutured the fragile bud into a tree, which grew larger and larger in leaps and bounds each year. The leaves were the shapes of stars, smooth and flawless.

  Dogond was welcomed into the Council eagerly, her great magic multiplying and growing with the tree. She poured more and more of herself and her love into what had become the most magnificent tree in the many passing years. Many believed Endillen'shen's soul thrived inside the beautiful tree, and Dogond was so connected with it.

 The unusual tree's magic tendril stretched across the entire forrrest, creating the protected, dangerous boundaries that we know today. But as the Elf's tradition of their beach rituals declined from very often to only each century, Dogond and the tree weakened, almost wilting. Thus the forrest entered into a drought of misery, where the birds where silent and the wind was still. The Elves began to panic, unsure of what was happening. The great tree and Dogond, it's keeper, seemed to be dying, so the forrest itself about them seemed to be dying as well.

  A full moon came, the silvery moonlight mixing with the starlight. Dogond lay by the tree, preparing for her death, the star-shaped leaves blackened and falling from their branches. The Elves gathered around, crying quiet silver tears. They began to sing, a low sad song, their voices mixing with great magic. The enchantment continued to build and build. This song would be known for the rest of history as "The Last Song", and would be sung at each Elf's death, and when Unaaldri brought it to the humans, would be sung at each Human's funeral and would evoke great power. The song then ended, and with her last breath, Dogond murmured the final words.

  As the sunlight spread itself over the horizon, Dogon melted into the great roots of the tree. Pink buds appeared on every branch, blooming to the most beautiful of flowers. Ever since, the spring the pink flowers bloomed, the summer the emerald star-shaped jewels of leaves lingered, the fall the leaves turned from green, to red, to black, and in winter, they fell to the floor of the castle.

  The great tree was named the Dogond tree, and it's magical, strange leaves where used in the Elf Queen's secret ritual.

The End

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