The Farniev Range

            It is said that a Dwarf guards the first of the mountains with the utmost most care. The certain mountain, the closest to the banks of the Icelands, but the structure most shrouded in the dark of the beastly Tel'args, bears the name Rom’x, for it stands wide and steadfast, a guardian in its own right.

            Rom’x has always upheld its mystery, due to the unfurling of clouds that spit across its peaks. Though no truth can be found without empiricism and writing, it is a common rumour that Rom’x was formed into the world with a guardian; no clouds as those that have dressed Rom’x can be naturally-forming in the nature of the Farniev Range’s typical weather patterns.

           This certain guardian is not flesh, like the beasts of the surrounding lands, but it bears a hide of rock, a statue that leaps into being at the presence of both Human and Elven adventures: Lorek, the animate tower. Only the dragons seem unscathed when the come to the being.

            The mysteries cannot be denied, for every Human and Elf who has ventured to the Farniev Range with a Scribe companion has either been broken, like matchstick figures, in two, and found dead, or those travellers have vanished, returning days later in their citadels without a clue of the events. Something lingers in the Farniev Range- and that something is content not to be discovered for the time-being.

The End

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