The Elf Queen's Tradition

The Elf Queen stood before the waves of the ocean, taking everything in. She had to wait for the perfect conditions; the sun had to be just right, not quite setting, but not directly above her either.

The sand sparkled, as if it had little pieces of crystal's everywhere, and the queen smiled. It was almost time.

Once a century she made this journey, and that was all she needed really. It was a protection ritual, one that would ensure safety of the whole Elvin race, until the next century when it would be repeated again, and the cycle would start over.

Double checking to be extra careful, the queen found herself alone. She felt it was the right time, and so she kneeled down, ready to perform the sacred act.

The first, and most important part of the ritual was Harothamor's Fire. She took the small vial out of her pouch and looked at it. The enchanted fire swirled around and around, its black flame never showing any sign of dying.

Next, was a leaf from the Dogond tree. The leaf was star shaped, and the queen could feel the magic flowing off of it.

Carefully, she placed the twigs she had gathered up earlier into a small semi-circle, the shape of the moon. The moon was one of the most sacred symbols in Elvin culture, and a known protector. She placed the Dogond leaf in the middle, and opened the vial. 

She poured the black fire onto the leaf, and it instantly caught. She smelled the acidic odor, yet she didn't mind. She was use to it by now. 

The sun hit the small fire, and everything lit up, the twigs, the leaf, and the fire. Everything turned from a black, to the brightest and brilliant shade of blue, before disappearing completely.

The ritual was done. Peace was guaranteed to the Elves for another hundred years. Silently, the Elfish queen got up, and headed back to her homeland.

The End

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