Dtyn, as his ancient name suggests, was the youngest--and most reckless--member of his family. Fear was something he never knew, or at least never acknowledged, as was dicipline. While his elder brothers were off with their father he found other ways to entertain himself (angering a whole herd of Ziings and leading their rampage through the marketplace being the most well-known).

Life to him was a magician's hat; thrilling with surprises but rather dull when worn right. He was well known by the town's officials due to many an escort home. Yet, he somehow managed to have them laughing long after their capture from his clever sense of humor. It was the Dtyn way--and only Dtyn could travel it with such smoothness.

On another one of his spells of boredom, he up and decided it might be of some entertainment to join a gypsy's wagon for a day. Disguising as one of them, he leaped into a performance and fit in frighteningly well. It was the main dancer, however, that spotted the unfamiliar face. She spun out of her dance routine and grabbed the front of his shirt, demanding who he was and bringing the entire show to a crashing halt. It wasn't long until the officers were on the band's tail, thinking they had helped this notorious lad. The band was split up in the process of fleeing through the streets and he purposely made sure to stick with the dancer--who later became his wife.

If anyone had thought he would calm down by this point, they had thought wrong. For the dancer, Analynn, was just as daring as her husband, if not more. They, and their children, traveled the entire map at least twice, inhaling all the adventure they could get. They finally settled in their hometown though and managed to live a generally happy life; a stark streak of white in the black pattern of his family's history.

The End

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