Gio's Three Sons

 After Gio returned from the Plains, he wed a woman called Jalgna. Not much is known of her other than her name, much of it lost in the sands of time. What is known of her is that she bore his first two sons, Jalgn and Althzar, and soon afterwards, died. It is told that Gio a short time following, married Jalgn's elder sister, Fiolyn. Fiolyn was older herself than Gio, and had lost her own first husband years back. She had had two daughters, but had also lost them to an attack of the dragons. Of her other sisters and herself, it was said that she was far plainer than her handsome sister Jalgna, and a sterner, meaner version.  

  She bore Gio his third and final son, Dtyn. By then, Jalgn was nearly considered a man in the eyes of his tribe, and Althzar not far behind (Althzar would marry Raanin's eldest daughter, Elistha) . In an attempt to get away from her bitter voice and cold eyes, Gio took Jalgn and left on many perilous journeys across the Plains, searching for new lands. Gio would die in the trial of discovery, yet he opened a path for his sons to follow.

The End

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