Raanin's Three Daughters

  Raanin was the eldest of the three, and brother to Hre'glen. Though he was not the best looking of the three, with a burn from his childhood marring the side of his plain face. Long had he been in love with the cheif's daughter, Galegan, who's father had refused him repeatedly.

   When he returned after ten long years, he and the other were acclaimed heros, sent from the Gods to help them defeat the evil Dragons. Eagerly now, did the chief allow his daughter to be wed to him. For many years, Galegan and Raanin lived in a content peace.

   Together, they had three daughters-Elistha,  Cygen, and Thelistam. Galegan died during childbirth as she had Thelistam. Raanin greived more many days and nights for years afterwards, and could not look at Thelistram, as she had every feature of her Mother's face. When Thelistram was but two days old, he begged Unaaldir to take her, and take care of her. So Unaaldir did, and raised her as her own until her death. Thelistam was but 7 years of age at Unaaldir's demise, and was then handed off to her husband Hre'glen.

   Elistha went to marry Gio's middle son, Althzan, when she came of age, and Cygen never married, independent at heart. She traveled with her uncle, Gio, his son Jaglen, and Hre'glen, and, what had become Hre'glen's ward,Thelistam on their perilous journeys across the Plains.  

The End

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