Before the days of man dragons ran rampant upon the world.  A world which was theirs.  From the great ocean in the East, to the mountains in the West did the dragons rule.

The dragons spoke the ancient tongue, a tongue full of infinite power and magic.  When the dragons flew beyond the great ocean in the East the ancient tongue seemed lost to the world, but one dragon remained.  That dragon was called Endillen'shen.

Endillen'shen taught the ancient tongue to the elves and with that gave them hold of the magic in the world.  The lone dragon lived ages among the frail elves and watched their generations go by.  Endillen'shen died among the elves and they used his bones to construct a fantastic castle interweaved with magic; a castle that would never fail and stand throughout all of the ages.

Before the dragons retired from the Mainland they left a legacy in the mountains.  Deep in the bowels of the Spine of the World they laid eggs that would hatch in later ages and grow into the mightiest of wyrms.

These eggs would not hatch until the days of man.

The End

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