The Tale of Unaaldri

  As the legend goes, Unaaldri, an Elven elder, was expelled from the Elven Wood, forced never to return for her brutal deed of murdur-unforgivable. It was said for years she wandered alone in the empty plains of the South, sunrays tanning her chalky starlight skin and fading her raven hair, before she came across a band of stray humans.

   In those days, man was a savage creature, with a rough language of brutish noises. They were quite close to rabbits, in the respect they were frightened beasts, frightened of the mighty rulers of the sky-the newly hatched Wyrms. Though they had developed themselves in minor ways in order to survive; to hide, to hunt, and to fight the best they could. When they met Unaaldri, they were sure that whatever she was and man were closely related-in essence the two races were quite similar in appearance.

   For Unaaldri, one of the most powerful of the Elves, it was easy to befriend such simple creatures. The certain humans she met were quite young in their tribes, and out of curiousity, they had ventured out of their southern havens Northways. According to records, Unaaldri blessed them with names-Gio, Hre'glen, and Raalin-instead of those in which they had been called by their birthmothers and those of the tribe (though today their original names are not known). These were the first humans to be called by names along the lines of the ancient tongue. By this gesture, the three men were given a great destiny, extended lives, and known as the Fathers of the human race.

   Years passed as Unaaldri lived in the Plains with the three humans. She taught them the language which the last dragon, Endillen'shen, had taught the first Elves an unnumbered years ago. Furthermore, she taught them many things. Finally, Gio, Hre'glen, and Raalin with the company of Unaaldri, returned to the other tribes, hidden away in the South.

   Tales say that after the about ten years (the true number is uncertain), the number of humans had decreased greatly since the three had left. The strong dragons had attacked them more and more, picking away at their population. Few were left, huddling like mice in their little holes by the Unar Lake.

   For the rest of Gio, Hre'glen, Raalin, and Unaaldri's lives, they mingled with the beastly humans, attempting to teach them. They did not learn as quickly as the first three, and the precious ancient language was muttled by their own rough tongues and developed into several different languages used by different tribes, and soon after, nations. These languages had barely any power then after so much contortion, yet a few rare words invoked an air of magic.

  At Unaaldri's death, the Human Race was a civilized, abounding group. She was extraordinarily aged when she was expelled from the Elves, and her years wandering the Plains had drained her. She was frail, and all magic had left her, for reasons no one understands, not even the wisest of Elves. She died a New Moon by the Unar Lake, which in one human tongue means "Unaaldri", yet another language blunder. It was said she wed Hre'glen, and they had one son, Cythnan. The day Cythnan was born, he carried a curse that would change history, and lead to his tragic death.   

The End

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