The North lay a place rich in a mystical history, a veil still shrouding many of it's secrets. Woven into it are the enchantments of the Elves, creating such alien beings and beast hidden in the dark shadows of their wide, leafy canopies. Emerald mountains, the Farniev Range, and steel grey crags, the Tel'args, climb into the clouds, where the tunnels of silver and gold formed by the beared Dwarves lay, and the rugged caves of the Dragons hide.

  The Farniev Mountains stretch from the barren Icelands in the North to the West, creating a horrific wall which would block off the fertile, Westerly lands from Humans and even many elves for years upon years. It was said that behind them was the Dwarves' best kept secret.

  The Tel'args was where the dragons nested during the hatching season, and sun-bathed when boredom set in from hunting on the southern plains. Though their final eggs would be placed all alone the Tel'args and the Farniev Range, the backbone of the world.

The End

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