Lorek’s Treasures

            There are no markings in the history of the land that can tell what it that the broad statue Lorek keeps a guard of is. He himself has been seen, great eyes in blue-run marble stretching out to watch each side of Rom’x (so the tales uphold), a body clear even from the winding path, that only entrance to Rom’x’s past.

            It is said that his arms rest on stone legs, waiting for the perfect moment when the Dragons will return for what they have left. Be that true or not, neither Elves nor Humans have breached those barriers to reveal the secrets...even when many have tried to delve into the soul of Rom’x.

           Some say the treasures are precious stones, lifted from the Sands of Time themselves when the world was just being built; others are adamant that the idea of ‘jewels’ comes from the true aspect that precious metal fuel is formed through the magnetic movement of magma only found in the Farniev Range. With this guess, comes the assumption that a new race have hidden to guard their ‘treasure’ for years, and that it is they whom the explorers come across when they encounter Lorek, so eager to protect what they have from the rest of the realm.

          However, the most conclusive summation- in spite of it being also the most fantastic- is that the key to magic lies in Rom’x and the heart of the Farniev Range. Magic was once in the heart of the forms of mountains, Icelands and crags, in that time before any creatures inhabited these lands.

The End

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