A fantasy collaboritve thick with dragons, elves, and creatures of your liking, it is a world-building, story-weaving challenge for all who dare to enter. Assist in building a world and it's diverse history. There are but few rules....please consider what others have written before you and in other branches to create a cohesive "map" and history.



  The candlelight wavered in the murk of the night, splashing warm, golden light across the empty piece of parchment.  The city outside his open window was hushed, the lone howl of a solemn street dog a cry breaking the night's melancholy silence. His travel worn hands grasped about his feathered pen, dipping it twice in the ink and holding it pensively above the fresh parchment.

  He paused, looking about the small nook about him. Many years of his life, past and gone, scribbled in his piles and piles of journals, a collection of sketches and histories that he collected from his travels.

  Shivering in the winter chill, he eagerly scratched his beard and bent over his work, drawing out the first lines with such care....




The End

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