Map Of Death

Las Palmas PD has just arrested a suspect in the slaying of Carl Halsey. A witness saw Brix Villar stabbing Halsey on a dark, isolated parking lot.


‘I think our best lead is a map we found in Villar’s wallet. Halsey’s name was written on it.’ Victor Bravo told Lt. Joe Picasso and handed the map over.

  Joe P studied the map of Zapote town for a while. He found codes on it:


All W

1d2. 2N2f4. 3B4D6. 4N6B5


‘I’m almost sure these codes are chess algebraic notations.’ He said. He was a very good player himself but eventually had no time for games anymore. ‘Write this down. ‘All W’ means all white moves. Now divide the map into 8x8 grids…no wait, I think I better do this myself.’

  Picasso took an index card and started graphing. When he was finished, he said, ‘Take a look at this.’ Bravo did. ‘1d2 is the first move that ends on F4 square. The N on 2N2 means knight so the move was like an ‘L’. The move stops at D6. The B on 3B4 means a bishop move that’s why it moved diagonally. The last move stops at B5 which started from N6—another knight move. Take a look.’ He passed the card and map to Bravo and waited.

  ‘Ok. I see it.’ Bravo said after a while.

  ‘What’s the street… no, I’ll bet it’s a big lot. On that lot, I’ll bet we’ll find something worth killing for. Do you see the lot where all the moves ended?’

  ‘It’s a big lot all right.’

  ‘Get two men and tell them to bring spades. We have a job of real ‘digging’ to do now.’

The End

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