The Wait Is Over

I didn't care about the yard: I had eyes only for the creature in the stable, lustrous dark eyes fixed on me, ears pricked to me.

It looked, she looked. That was the horse. That was soon to be my horse.

Claire came out in her wheelchair to greet us. I was rude, not really listening to what she said.

After more of a wait, I was astride the hrose. I had never felt safer, more secure.

The horse was called Destiny, which is ironic as that is what I believe she was to me, as well as she was the first creature I truly loved.

She was pure black, not so much as a sock or even a fleck of white hair. She was huge, with slightly shrunken muscles from months of not being ridden. But she was the most beautiful thing you could picture.

My mother set up a few jumps on behalf of Claire, who couldn't come into the arena because of her wheelchair.

(I'm going to continue this in another chapter called The Wait Is Over II because I have to go now and I haven't finished this chapter.)

The End

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