Testing Destiny

'Hello?' A woman's voice answered the phone on what seemed like the hundredth ring.

'Hello. My name is Alicia. I'm calling about your horse - the black mare. Is she still available?' I replied, maybe a little too desperately.

'Yes, she is. I think maybe I haven't had many calls because I was so vague!' She mused, 'Anyway, are you interested in her?'

'Very much so.' I replied. I needed to see this horse. I talked to the woman, who was called Claire, for a long time, before we decided I could come over on Saturday. It was now Thursday.

I put a note in my diary and miserably waited. I waited all the way through lessons on Friday. I entertained myself that evening by staring into space and doing homework.

Eventually the grandfather clock in the hall chimed nine o'clock and I decided I should get an early night. I dragged my suddenly exhausted body up the stairs, and flopped into bed. I couldn't sleep, so I managed to justify sleeping by I could pass the hours that felt like months between now and ten in the morning, tomorrow, when I was due to arrive at the yard that was a convienient 15 minutes from my house, and meet my fate.

I woke up at six am. I blinked, clearing my bleary eyes. Slowly, I clamboured out of bed and into the shower. I had a ridiculously long shower, and at half six I was drying my hair, wearing black jodphurs and a purple hoodie.

The clock dragged as I chewed through my cereal. Each second was a minute, each minute and hour. I couldn't work out why I was so nervous, I couldn't seem to dislodge the lump in my throat.

Eventually, my mother and I were in the car and off to the yard. I sat, fidgeting and waiting, more waiting, I knew I couldn't bear it much longer when finally we turned onto the incredible yard.

The End

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