Manufactured Thoughts

In the 24th-century, a young inventor moves to Luxesto, a man-made technological feat of a city in the center of the Atlantic.
After Luxesto is attacked one fall morning, Roderic and his brother discover a top-secret project hidden beneath their city. Quickly caught, Roderic's brother is murdered, and Roderic sets out on a quest to avenge his brother's death, knowing that unraveling Luxesto's dark secret is his only way how.


For the wayward space traveller, the complex skyway system wrapped around the planet Earth may go unnoticed at a passing glance.  From a distance, the rails were nearly invisible; unlike the surface of the Earth, whose lakes and fields, mountains and cities were hidden beneath the shadows.  Yet from a couple hundred thousand miles out from the Earth’s surface, there was a certain serenity in the complexity of the rails; in their spiraling, beautiful patterns; in the way their metallic surfaces blended in with all the elements of the planet, so that one rail hovering a mile above the ocean could shine a calming, cerulean color, while the same rail amidst a patch of clouds might shimmer with a star’s gleam.  When viewed this far away, like the clouds and all the blemishes upon the surface of the Earth, the skyway began to look not as though it had been there for only twenty-five years; but rather, that it had been there forever, and would continue to do so.

Yet, Roderic knew, no one could see the skyway like this.

The End

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