A world where humans, dragons, and later on elves clash. A lot of adventure, fighting, and a bit of a romance deal in there too. Enjoy!

 Chapter One


            “I presume all of you have been practicing your transformations,” Radsworth’s eyes lingered slightly on me. I blushed and looked down at my nails.

            “We may be gifted with wings but we aren’t naturally talented in flying,” she paced down the line of us, meeting all our eyes. “Flying takes years of practice to perfect even more to fly with your human.” A hard lump grew in my throat, I thought about my human and our earlier fight. We’ve been fighting a lot lately it’s probably interfering with our bonding. 

            “Now, transform.” As she commanded her own scales grew from her nails mimicking the pattern that was on her them, black lilies burnt with red at the edges and laced carefully with white. Lilies are the marks of instructors and the burnt red tips of the lilies meant she has been through war; the white marks her wisdom, a beautiful Mangon.

            The other students transformed, there weren’t any significant marks on them, we were all one solid color, can’t tell the difference from one Mangon to the next. I looked down at my nails and willed them to stretch to the rest of my body. Nothing happened. I shut my eyes and prayed I would transform. Without opening my eyes I feel the painful stretch of my nails and the sick popping as my joints disconnected and my bones grew, my jaw stretched releasing an animal roar, and my clothes, shredded, fell to my feet. My sense were the last to change, my vision was sharper, I could smell the individual ants crawling one hundred fifty feet to the right of us, and hear the distinct voice of my human from the next island over.

            Radsworth immediately took flight, spreading her wings, stretching them as far as she could. She circled, showing off her wing span, and made elegant loops above our heads. Seeing her fly so gracefully made my own muscles ache and long to fly.

“Extra points to those who can get themselves off the ground,” Radsworth said, nonchalantly.

One student at the far left whined and she flapped her owns wings clumsily. The Mangon next to me exercised his own wings and too attempted to lift himself off the ground.

            “It takes more than strength to get off the ground,” Radsworth called from above. The rest of the students are now trying, one of them thought about getting a running start but like the rest didn’t manage to get off the ground. I was the only one who wasn’t trying.

            “Kira, attempt the task!” Radsworth barked. I glanced up to her and again the ache in my muscles and the longing filled me.

            Instead of listening to her I tuned my ears to my human, Akio. I listened in to his conversation to Ani, I assume.

            “So how is your training with Kira going?” Ani asked him. Her voice light as a feather, I frowned, it sounded more annoying than usual.

            “Oh ya know, dragons and their crazy moods,” he said. “Well I guess, girl dragons and their crazy moods. I don’t understand why I’m stuck with a girl one.” I could almost see the disappointed look etched on his face. My heart fell slightly at the insult.

            “Mangons,” Ani corrected. “They are part human too and I don’t see a problem with girls.” I could almost picture her smiling, too.

            “Kira!” Radsworth shouted just before a flaming ball landed beside me. I jumped away from the licking flames, it was then I begin to notice the frantic frenzy around me. Mangons, who not too long ago was attempting to fly, are now taking flight and hurrying back to the main island.

            “Kira get out of there!” Radsworth screamed while ducking oncoming fire. I turned to run towards the edge of the shore. The other students are now more than half way to the main island, possibly looking for their human. I thought about Akio, unaware of what’s happening here. What is happening here?

            I glanced back and saw Radsworth locked in a battle with an unknown dragon, a human was riding it, must be a Mangon. I turned my attention back to the main island, already I can see some of the humans are leaping onto their Mangons, Radsworth’s human accompanied an experience rider on her Mangon and they are already flying back here. But they were intercepted with a bright emerald Mangon and it’s human. Finally I see there were dozens attacking the main island.

            Then I heard his voice, filled with agony and urgency. My own voice howled and roared.

            “Kira, fly now,” Radsworth commanded, dodging a neck-breaking blow. “Find your human and protect him.” Not wasting another moment, I flapped my aching wings and lifted myself up. I didn’t have time to marvel at how high I got myself to, immediately I sped towards the main island.

            I suppose we’re getting bonus points if we survive.

The End

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