We are nerds, and we like manga!!!

I don't know how many people have been obsessed with visual graphic arts since they were kids, but most of us have grown up watching cartoons or reading batman comics, superman, phantom, Archie and friends... the list is endless.

I was an avid book person. I didn't understand the joy most poeple felt while reading comics. I mean, it took more time to finish a book, and the more time that is consumed in doing what you like, the better it is, right?

I think it was during ninth grade that I chanced upon this anime channel on TV called Animax. I didn't watch much; just one programme about this daughter of a poor courtier who wanted to land up as a court official. I don't remember the girl's name, but I remember thinking that the king in the anime looked like a girl.

It wasn't long after that that one of my friends recommended this website on which one could read manga (japanese cartoons) for free. She was already way into it so I decided to give it a try.

I guess that most of the people who read this piece have not seen or read a manga before. Those who have will agree with me that it is a fairly intense experience. But then again, there are a thousand shitty mangas everywhere: how do you pick?

I will take this opportunity to confess that though I hate reading love stories in print, I simply love watching them on net in the manga form. The art, when done right, simply imparts a different and almost human dimension to the characters. The names might sound fantastical, and some of the honorifics used might make no sense, but it is a world of its own.

I remember reading my favourite manga called Maid sama. It's pretty famous and is about a girl called Misaki who tries to juggle school and a part time job while putting up a tough exterior Then the fun begins when this guy called Usui starts stalking her. Not seriously, but he would follow her around and he found out where she worked. It sounds fantastical when I write about it, but it makes me giggle till I am breathless. After all, I know why Misa makes faces at a guy who peers at her through windows to freak her out. But that how friends are. Even I do that sometimes. heh heh.

But I am deviating from the main topic.

I remember thinking at one time that if I ever wanted to get married it would be to this high class guy with loads of money. Of course, this is all wishful thinking. And then I came across this manga called "Mars". It was released a long time back, in 2000, but I connected to it like no other manga. I remember crying out of happiness when the lead character Rei proposed to the female lead character Kira. I recollect crying with Kira when she found out about the depressing ghosts of Rei's past, and the mental illness and suicidal streak that runs in the family. And I also like the parts when the guy picks up his bike and races like there is no tomorrow.I probably won't be able to do justice to the manga, writing the way I do. But now I know this-money can never supercede happiness. And our happiness depends not on society, and how it percieves us, but in doing what we dream to do.

All because of a stupid comic, most would comment. How dumb!

But then if I have to be labelled stupid to realise what really matters in life I guess I am really stupid. No regrets on that one.

So that's what I am. I am an otaku, a nerd, a retard who likes manga guys.

But I believe in the stories of hope. No one can say that while reading batman comics they didn't want batman to win. Same here. I wish the characters I read about stay happy.

Because there ain't no better drug in life than hope.

The End

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