You call for help from your only friend within a thousand miles and pray that she is willing to forgive your ignorance.

"Do you mind?" your camel says and shakes off the youths holding her. "We are in a hurry, you know."

One of the kids pokes you hard in the chest. "You enslaved a talkie? Monster! Abuser!"

"It's not like that," you say wearily but no one is listening. Some of the youths are staring at your camel in wonder - clearly, they have not seen a "talkie" before. Others are looking a little comfortable at being scrutinised by the very creature they were fighting for.

"I believe I am free to follow whom I like," your camel says with a hint of affectation, barging through the crowd and coming to stand beside you. Gratefully, you pull yourself up and swing up onto her back.

One plucky young man calls out again. "But...he's riding you! Aren't you feeling oppressed? Don't you want a name?"

"It is my choice not to have a name. Good day to you."

When you are a safe distance away, you pat her neck gratefully and wipe your brow.

"Thank you."

" will pay for it later."

You smile. "Almonds?"

"The  finest almonds."

Laughing, you bend forward to kiss her head and gently coax her onward.




The End

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