Letter Two

                                                                    Miss Amanda Margolyes       

                                                                    31 Gershwin Mews

                                                                    (off McCartney Road)


Clara Darnstein

British Aerospace & Space Administration,

Area 51,


W. Sussex BN29 9HG

Dear Miss Darnstein,

This week, in literacy, we have been learning, about letter-writing, I hope you do not mind if I write to you with my question.

I was watching "the x files" on the television and I saw, that the man and the woman use a torch when they go in buildings, even though the buildings which they enter have light switches.

My mum has told me that the cost of ellectricity is going up and up and up, and so we must all fasten our seat belts and use less ellectricity.

She told me why it was happening, but I did not understand all of it is credit crunch one of the "munch bunch", why is he causing us all these problems and making us not want to use the light switch is it him that is making your man and woman not want to use the light when they go in a building?

You can tell the man and the woman, that there is ellectricity in their torches and they are still using ellectricity, when they switch them on and they might as well switch on the light switch it is at the edge of the wall and you click it and it goes on, and that is how a light switch is in most buildings, and they must remember to switch it off when they leave, and someone else has to pay the ellectricity bill, and money does not grow on trees, you know.

I hope you are well.

Yours sincerely,

Manda Margolyes (Miss)

The End

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