Man vs Machine

The monster glared at me. My vision was blurred and keeping it away from my imminent death was impossible.
My limbs; lifeless.
My senses; dead.
I could barely feel my fingers as they grew colder and colder every single second. My power had vanished from within, and escaped through my last breaths.
I lay; Cold, sore and dazed.
This beast mocked me, as if I was just another leftover scrap.
My life, it’s meaning escaped me. I was beat senseless, tricked into thinking I could handle this by myself, my stupidity had excelled to greater lengths than what I could imagine.
My sword sat on my arm, blood mixed with poison dripping off the tip of the blade. It shined in the light, a sparkle rarely showing. The craftsmanship was beyond anything anyone could imagine. Elven material, powerfully forged by the best.
I looked back up, staring death straight in the eyes. My fear had vanished.
This beast was strange, it appeared as though nothing could stop what was lying in front of me.
These were my final thoughts.
The creature came closer and closer to my face. My vision blurred more and more.
This was the end.
It picked it’s foot up, moving it to my skull. He rested on me, creating more and more force which separated unequally throughout my skull. I couldn’t handle the pain, although my sense of feeling was disappearing, I could still recognise the pressure. I should have been in pain, but I wasn’t.
I couldn’t take it anymore, I wanted to die so bad, but I was forced through this.
Then crack.
My hearing; Gone.
The beast stood over me; Mocking me once again. My head was no more. I laid there motionless, quiet, lifeless.
Then, text had opened up.
Game Over.

The End

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