I don't even know why I try anymore.

You're a guy. You're a part of the most clueless and oblivious species on this planet. It's in your DNA to not notice subtle hints and girl emotions.

We've been best friends for 9 entire years. We're not the cliche kind that does everything together; no, we're far too different for that. We were the kind that knew that no matter what happened, we'd always have each other. We'd call each other everyday and talk for hours on the phone even though we lived only two floors apart. You would wake me up early on weekdays and I'd kick you out of your bed on weekends...We were so perfect for each other and you didn't even realize it. 

You'd say stupid things that would make my heart beat a hundred miles and hour and then carry on as if nothing had happened. Although to you, those moments probably did mean nothing. 

You once called yourself my husband and proclaimed that in every silly game we ever played I would be the princess and you would be my hero. I argued. I told you that I wanted a chance to be a hero too, but you just said that pretty girls shouldn't get their clothes dirty. I broke your finger that day.

Those words had meant nothing more that a boy's proclamation that he was better than me at that time. But now, as I over-analyse things, I wonder- could it have been something more?

I remember the first time you kissed me; or well, pecked me on the cheek. We were 10 years old and we were standing underneath a palm tree, marrying off our teddy bears. You were the best man and I was the maid of honour. The theme of the wedding was 'superheroes' because your bear was all powerful, just like you wished to be. I was the Lois Lane to your Superman.

You still didn't notice anything. You bumped my fist and said that 'great minds think alike'. I loved you then. Did you love me?


We're all grown up now. You moved away, went to a different school and made new friends. I stayed. 

I see you often, when you come to visit and you brighten up my day with stories of the stupid pranks you pulled and all the people you annoyed, until one of your friends come over and you walk away.

But you haven't changed one bit. You still climb trees and jump off roofs and wear the same ratty sweatshirt with torn up blue jeans. You're still the same person inside. Just like I am.

We just have on different masks.

The End

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