I have watched you since the beginning of the semester. My heart cheers every time you even look at me. But you never speak.

Why must you be so shy?

I've caught you looking at me. I know I'm pretty to you. I do my makeup so that you'll notice. So, why won't you even say hello? 

I love you Boy.

I love you as deeply as love can be when based only upon staring at one another. You don't even have to start the conversation, I'll do that. Just promise me you'll say "hi" back, instead of bashfully looking away. Promise me that if I comment on your Star Wars converse enough someday you'll say "I like your shoes too."

It is really so hard?

I know I intimidate you. I'm flirty and outspoken, I talk too much. I know you think that given a pick of every boy on campus, I would overlook you. But you're wrong. There is no competition, you have already won. If you don't move fast you'll lose me. 

You'll have me at "hello", as soon as you work up the courage to say it. 

The End

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