"It's fine. Thanks for picking it up."

"It's fine. Thanks for picking it up." You smile back at her, feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

"So, ah, you go to Tally-Ho as well? That's great, I'm just starting there myself! We should walk together! What's your name?"

You tell her and give her a brief overview of yourself and your personal life. Her eyes widen considerably.

"Y-you're the Professor's son? Wow, he's like, famous! That theory on, um... um... what was it? Phases of the moon affecting the taste of our food? Pure genius! Now my family only eats steak on a new moon!" She giggles and you can tell by the way she does so that she isn't all that bright.

Oh well, it looks like it won't be that hard to shake her off. You're both doing completely different courses anyway. She'd be the kind of person who would find 'Financial Input in Determination of Manufacturing Taxation' extraordinarily dull. You are, of course, the finest judge of character Tally-Ho has ever known.

You reach the university gates and she waves, shouting that she'll see you tomorrow on the way. You decide to head to class...

The End

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