Call Prospero, your personal driver.

As you reach the front of the estate that leads out to the sidewalk, you stare off to the left.

Then you stare off to the right.

It seems as though both Tally-Ho University and the tram stop are both quite nearby. But you're much too rich and fancy to walk - you're Mammal Watson, prodigy and heir to the legendary Watson estate and name! You don't need to walk anywhere, walking is for the commoners of this world. The chums, if you will.

Sighing loudly and in an exaggerated manner, you pull out your platinum, one-of-a-kind mobile phone (one that your eldest sister Gemida had been given by her sponsor - she thought it was too garish for her tastes) and press '1' on speed dial, the number for your personal driver, Prospero.

No sooner than you have done so, a shining grey car with a bulletproof hood comes roaring up out of the car yard. Prospero, silly moustache and all, steps out of the luxury vehicle to hold the door open for you as he says, "Good morning, sir."

You wave him away impatiently and he hurries back to his position in the driver's seat. Soon enough, you arrive at the university gates.

You step out amidst envious stares when you notice a smokin' hot señorita with long brown hair and an orange jumpsuit. She smiles, obviously charmed and impressed by your wealth, when she suddenly receives a call on her mobile. She spins away from your line of sight and walks off.

Well, you're sure you'll be able to win her over soon enough. You decide to head to class...

The End

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