Walk; it only takes 15 minutes!

You need to stay in perfect shape! Even though the walk is a short one, you love exercising those muscular legs of yours.

Suddenly, you feel a jolt from behind as you and your lovely silver briefcase are hurled to the painful brick ground. You lie there for a moment, attempting to comprehend what has just happened.

As you start getting up, a shadow looms over you. You can't see who it is due to the glare of the sun in your eyes, but the person pulls you up by your hand. You can tell by the size and shape of the hand that it belongs to a female.

You finally get a good look at your helper and your first impression is that she's gorgeous. Long chestnut hair and blue eyes... her figure (that orange jumpsuit leaves almost nothing to the imagination) isn't too bad either.

"I'm sorry!" she smiles, somewhat embarassed. "I didn't mean to knock you over. I, uh... scuffed your briefcase..." she holds it up. "Is it ok? I'll buy you a new one if you're really unhappy about it!"

The End

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