Mama, I just killed a man

Something I thought of while listening to 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by Queen. I'd say PG-13. Warnings: slight language, mentions of alcohol use, mentions of murder.

Mama, I just killed a man.

I know how this sounds, and I’m sorry. I would have told you face to face but I couldn’t, okay? I couldn’t do it. I’m sorry. I know I’ve let you down. Just hear me out, okay? Please?

I was downtown at the club, dancing with Ava. I had a couple drinks and it was all going swell. Then, my old bud Calvin from junior high came over and introduced himself. I left them together dancing for a bit while I used the facilities. I came back, and they were gone. They weren’t anywhere in the building. I ran around everywhere, searching, shouting, anything to find them. I got scared, Mama. I thought they’d been killed or something. I finally found them in this back-a-wash alley a couple streets over. At first I didn’t notice, Mama. I was too overjoyed at finding them. But then, I noticed. They were kissing, mama. My Ava and Calvin. Kissing. Calvin was starting to put his hand up her shirt when I shouted at them. Ava blushed a lot and tried to tell me how sorry she was and all that crap. I wouldn’t hear any of it. Calvin just looked at me like nothing was wrong. I walked up to him and punched him in the jaw. I wasn’t intending to kill him, but he started fighting back. I just got pissed, Mama. I couldn’t hold back, I was drunk and angry, and…I’m sorry, Mama. I killed him. There was this pistol lying on the ground, I don’t know why on Earth it was there but I picked it up, held it to his head, and told him that he wouldn’t ever see Ava again in all of his miserable little life. He laughed and spit in my eye. So I pulled the trigger. Bang, dead. I’m sorry, I just threw it all away. Everything you ever gave me is now gone because of some stupid little drunk fight. I’m so, so sorry, Mama. Please forgive me.

My trial is next week.



The End

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