Part II

"Once upon a time"
"Once... upon a time"
Daniel turned towards her "Mal, what's up?"
"Once. Upon. A time."
Mallory lifted her red glasses up and down, up and down. She hadn't made it past the first page.
"Once upon a TIME."
"Mallory that's a magazine, not a book."
"It's in the book store!"
She looked at him, frazzled. Flipping through the pages as fast as she could, she made it to the last page.
"1 2 3 4 5 6 7"
"Daniel! There's no happy ending! See, look! Daniel!!"
"Mallory, let's go to another section."
"He's dead Daniel! He DIED."
"Who's your favorite character Mallory?"
"Petra. Strong like Petra."
"Can we go to another section?" Daniel kept his voice calm. Why her? What did he find so special about her? There was something in that mind of hers and he had to find it.
"Yup, let's go,"
Mallory followed him.
"Okay, what haven't you read?"
She snickered and began to look around the store. Her mind moved so fast, she ripped through every book she touched. She read each one ten times in a row and then she needed a new one.
"I found one."
She was pointing to the bible.
"Mallory, don't you know what that is?"
"It's big. I want it."
"That's not just a normal book."
"But I haven't read it."
"That's for religious people Mal."
"I want that one."
"There are other big books. How about War and Peace?"
"I finished that on September 27, 2003 at 2: 01 pm. I want that big book."
"Fine. grab it and let's go."
Mallory snatched up her prize, clutching it close to her heart. It was expensive to buy a new book almost every week but she wouldn't read anything unless she owned it. He couldn't trick her either. Even if he managed to, she might rip out a page if she didn't like it.
She pulled at her ginger curls in line. Watching each one spring back into place.
"Hey Daniel?"
"I had the dream again last night."
"What dream?"

The End

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