Mallory glanced up at the blue clock.
"blue like the ocean" she thought. "blue. Aqua, azure, baby blue, cobalt blue, cornflower blue, cyan, denim, dodger blue-"
She whipped her head around to see Daniel.
"you okay?" he asked
She nodded, looked back at the clock.
"that's one"
"that's two"
*tick* *tick*
*tick* *tick* *tick*
"seven. A relaxing number"
Daniel stood up and grabbed her wrist. Mallory's head darted up.
"we're going to see Dr. Harris okay?"
*tick* *tick* *tick*
Mallory stood up but didn't move her eyes from the clock.
*tick* *tick* *tick*
Mallory froze in place. No not thirteen. Thirteen ticks. Thirteens bad. Black number evil. Get out of my head. Get out! LEAVE!
Help Daniel! Where's daniel?!
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
See 7? Good number
Dr. Harris came into the waiting room and grabbed Mallory. He looked her square in the eyes.
"Mallory, when was George Takei born?"
She stared in his gray eyes switching between them.
"April 20, 1937"
"okay. Are you ready to come in my office?"
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Mallory nodded.
Daniel grabbed her hand and led her in.
Mallory looked through her red glasses at Dr. Harris' office. He had 1276 books on the shelves that lined the walls. Two more since last time.
"what new books did you get?"
Dr. Harris smiled as Daniel gaped.
"Jane Eyre and 1984"
"sit down Mallory"
She sat and picked up a rubiks cube in front of her. Unscrambling it quickly.
"the tests came in and I think she can benefit from medication. It'll help her concentrate more."
He spoke to Daniel, knowing the words were shooting over Mallorys head.
Mallory passed the newly organized rubiks cube to Daniel. He scrambled it while he spoke,
"how much is this going to cost me?"
Daniel passed the rubiks cube back to Mallory who solved and placed it on the desk.
"hey Dr. Harris, guess what?"
Mallory smiled hugely.
"what is it Mallory?"
"Daniel's taking me to see Star Trek today!"
Daniel looked over at Mallory as she tugged on her blue shirt. Cornflower blue.
"I'll pay"

The End

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