to be scared by an owlMature

Slowly cracking out of the shell of sleep, Rojer noticed something out of place. Unable to put his finger on it he let it simply nag at him in the back of his mind. With the intent to remove himself from the bed as carefully as he could, he began to lift the bedsheets with his right arm. As a lance of pain ran up his arm from his fingers right into the shoulder he released all tension in the arm. Gritting his teeth until the pain subsided he slowly began the process again, this time using his left arm.

Keeping his right arm tucked against his chest, he swung his feet out of the bed. His right leg came out from under the sheets and to his surprise it was in almost a full cast. The entire right side of his body had been smashed in the car crash he realised.

Looking up, the room slowly coming into focus through the pain of his movement, he noticed the same man who had visited him in hospital standing at the foot of the bed staring at Julie. Attempting to call out his name Rojer feebly croaked at first. Clearing his throat and gathering his strength he called out just loud enough to be heard "Malich".
As he heard his name the man flinched, spinning around to face Rojer, a look lost between hatred and love painted on his face.

As rojer attempted to puzzle out this Malich spoke saying" She looks like my angel" then quietly, as if only to himself "like my Annabel".


Seeing that the man was on the edge Rojer tried to remove him. Getting some clothes on he began limping as cassually as he could manage down the stairs to the main hallway. Malich followed slowly and when he came to a stop it was directly in front of the mirror.


As Rojer looked at the mirror and saw himself, pretty beaten up by the car crash he suddenly noticed that Malich looked strikingly familiar. Looking from the mirror and back to Malich he realised tyht Malich was a doppleganger, same clothes, same face, same bruises.


Malich reached his hand out and took hold of Rojer's arm. Although the ghost could take no physical grip on him he felt his blood boil in his veins and then the veins began bulging, allowing Malich into Rojer's body and from there, into his mind.


Julie woke with a start, sitting up in bed she looked beside her and saw no Rojer, Knowing he had been acting strangely lately she got up and dressed quickly, Running through the appartment and down the staircase.
Hitting the bottom stair she saw Rojer standing looking at the mirror, a look of terror on his face.
All of a sudden he went stiff as a board and fell backwards. Screaming and running forwards she caught him before he hit his head on the corner of the stair-case. 

The End

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