"I'm here to help you, but i should come and see you when you are feeling better so i will take my leave now. See you later mate." Malich turned around on the spot and exited the door. As soon as Malich had left the room Rojer's hed hit the pillow and he slept once more.


In a dark alleyway squashed between two very old houses stood a young man with his hands spread out showing he had no weapons.
As Rojer tried to walk closer for a better look two more men came out of the shadows with looks of murder in their eyes. As he heard words of an alien language the two men simultaneously drew rapiers from their belts and threatened to kill the man.
As the man turned and ran he stumbled on a barrel and fell face first on the cobblestone road just out of the alley. Picking himself up, blood streaming freely from his nose he sprinted away from Rojer as thought he was not there at all. Trying to follow he found he was stuck in place as if the cobbles around his feet had turned to quicksand.
As the man dissapeared around a corner the landscape faded quickly to black.

Rojer again appeared in a strange place, this time in a single room house. The room was very bare, with only a rough hewn table, a bed in the corner and some candles here and there for light. In the center of the room was the young man again, this time he was crouching, holding something big in his arm and sobbing saying something over and over with obvious regret in his voice. 

This time able to move around, Rojer stepped around the man and as he moved he saw in his arms the body of a woman the same age wearing a white dress with a large red stain at her chest. Just as he saw this and sucked in his breath there was a knock on the door. The man on the ground jumped at the sound and placed the girl on the floor with a lovers caress.
Moving over to the table, he picked up a knife and held it behind his back as he answered the door.

As the door opened a fraction for his face to peek out so that the body would be hidden the man flew backwards as a fist appeared in the doorway. As an old man stepped across the doorway he looked down to the man and started shouting at him. Apparently not enjoying being yelled at the man got up and pulled out the knife, lunging forward he stabbed the older man in the chest. As the older mans lifeblood flowed over the knife he whispered a single word with a strange accent, "Malich". The man fell dead at Malichs feet and Rojer realised just what Malich was. A psychotic murderer.

The End

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