Rojer : a young man, heavily in debt, girlfriend is the only thing that keeps him going
Malich : a doppleganger who likes to ruin peoples lives and cause mischeif at heavy expense to others

Rojer slowly walked down the stairs in his newly borrowed suit hoping to extract a positive reaction from his girlfriend Julie. As he came into view Julie covered her mouth with her hand and gasped.
As he took the last few steps he allowed a large grin to spread across his face as he looked at Julie's, also borrowed dress.
Turning around he looked in the full length mirror hanging on the wall. Seeing a reflection that he knew was himself but he could not beleive it was. The man who stared back at him did not appear to live in near poverty, he looked the type who earned a high salary and was able to spare thousands to people like the true Rojer.
Noticing this drew his eye to the picture surrounding the rich looking reflection a scene of rotted timber floors and plasterboard walls with massive sections missing revealing the scaffolding holding those very walls upright.

After this revelation the couple began the long hike down the stairway of the large apartment building to the carpark outside. Reaching the car he walked around and opened the door for Julie.

Driving off into the street he got held up at three consecutive traffic lights, Not wanting to be late to this apointment as it would mean they would lose their jobs, house and everything else they owned when they hit the last red light Rojer put the accelerator to the floor and pushed on even with cars flying past. as they crossed the threshold of the unsafe zone a truck that was going to hit the side of the car began to brake and only just missed the car by a few inches. As Julie let out the breath she didnt notice she had held she turned to Rojer and slapped him on the arm.

As Rojer re-asserted his focus on the road a pair of headlights appeared to his right and then another truck hit the side of the car just behind Rojer, sending the car flying and spinning in the air. As time slowed down to a crawl Rojer looked around and saw Julie get hit in the side of the head by something that previously been on the floor of the car. As he noticed this he looked past her and saw a building approaching fast. The car stopped instantly and Rojer felt absolutely fine apart from an ache in his arm, Then the truck hit them again and everything went black.


Waking up in the hospital he noticed that his mother was asleep at his side and that there was a man who looked strangely familiar standing there looking down on him. As Rojer was about to ask who he was the man said "shh save your strength, your mother is fine just got tired, she has been here for the last three days straight. But wait how rude of me, my name is Malich."...

The End

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