Cold Memory

Hellä ran from her apartment, out into the street. The freezing foggy night was biting. Her fear was all the motivation required. Leaving the city behind her, Hellä made for the woods that bordered the stone walls that continued to survive. The memory of Mikko was flashing in front of her, she knew it was guilt. His stare was brittle. Hellä raced on through the trees that were towering and in their own way protective. Feeling a hint of relief combined with a sapping of energy, Hellä relaxed her pace slowly into a brisk jog and then finally a strong walk. Eventually she made it to the clearing. The trees had separated exposing a brighter underbelly of the wood. In the center was a lake that was now frozen solid. It was here that Hellä finally collapsed. Cold and exhausted, she breathed deeply, lying on her back, staring up at the night sky. The oozing sweat was already crisping on her brow as her breath glistened in the light of the moon. Hellä was wearing nothing more than a white vest that was now drenched, and a pair of torn jeans. Her feet were bare. Vigorously she rolled over the snow, her movement allowing the blood to warm her bones. It was then that she met the lake. Her reflection bore onto the sheet of ice. Her face was a mask of agitation with no memory of her former self. Her eyes were swollen from their usual sparkling selves, while her silky, caramel colored hair was torn and ruffled. There were scratches on her cheeks, mouth and forehead. Just looking at herself was enough to cause Hellä to wince. Her legs felt like jelly, she had no chance of getting back up. 

An hour passed with the girl still motionless on the snowbank. Now she lies an inch from sleep on the edge of the lake, that when unfrozen will surely claim her body. Time is an enemy. She waits.

In a twist of metaphorical desire, Hellä anticipates the hand gripping the back of her neck. The cold sweat that runs down her spine that is in seconds a knife of ice cutting her at the waist. As with her first memory, Mikko is there. This time he is dead. Lying next to Hellä in the deep unforgiving snow.

The End

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