Malcolm the Mischievous

Malcolm shouldn't be down here, but he needs to be. The whole operation depends on the use of the Master's alchemy set. In front of him is an old oak table with one red, one green and one blue colored potion, each contained in a small test tube, all held together in a neat line by a wooden holster. Stood on the table to his right, a potion shaped glass which is currently empty.

This is the final stage of Malcolm's experiment. Hours of tireless research have gone into this. All he needs to do is pour a combination of two of the three potions into the potion glass and wait for the results. If done right, Malcolm will be free, and able to explore the great outdoors once again.  

Malcolm realises the Master will be back soon, and refuses himself time to daydream. He knows he needs to react quickly, before he gets caught.

It's now or never.

What combination of colors should Malcolm mix together?


The End

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