My white skirt fluttered behind me while I ran though the woods, my black Converse shoes crushing the orange and red leaves beneath me. I ran my fingers across the tree bark as I ran pass them. Dark blue pieces of paper were taped to them to show the way back home.

The moment I saw my home I slowed down and caught my breath. I bent over and looked at my house, it was large and white with blue and a dark brown roof. The house was beautiful and the yard around it was breath taking. Around the property was a large black painted steel fence with a large gate, the driveway was a long concrete path with red and pink roses and pansies planted on either side. Around the property was a huge dark forest with large oak trees and beautiful flowers. It was a huge property and it cost me a fortune, but it was certainly worth it. 

I ran though the forest everyday, I loved how my dark brown hair would flow behind me as I ran. I would do it when it was almost dark, the sun would go down and I would just be getting inside. I would make dinner and sit beside the large fireplace in the living room. 

I finally caught my breath and panted. I opened the gate and closed it behind me then slowly jogged back to my house. I got to my house and went inside, kicking off my shoes at the door and sighing as I took off my jacket revealing my purple tank top. 

It was very lonely in the house. I had no one to share it with, no parents, no husband, no children. Sometimes I get creeped out about how it's so quiet and lonely inside. 

I made a spaghetti dinner and ate it while getting warm by the fire. The dark red and yellow flames danced around in the brick square. I watched them intently while I ate, a black knitted blanket covered my shoulders and feet. I sighed and lay my head back, closing my eyes for a second. I looked back down and ate the rest of my dinner and headed upstairs to go to sleep.

My room was painted a beautiful dark red with caramel brown floor boards, my bed was king sized with black bedding with a gray veil over the top. Against the wall was a dark brown dresser and a small table by the door which had a pain white vase with a bouquet of red roses. Beside my bed was a pair of french doors which opened to a large balcony. 

I walked out onto the balcony and looked out at the property, if I looked hard enough I could see the lights from Paris. I lived in a town outside of Paris called Angélique which meant angelic in French. I sat up on the balcony and looked at the huge garden in my back yard, filled with exotic flowers and many vegetables.

While looking at the garden I saw two dark figures fighting in it. I hopped off the edge and ran into my house, I grabbed a bat and ran downstairs and out into my yard. I could hear the figures growling and yelling as I slid around the house and peeked out at them. As I got closer, I noticed that a large figure was beating the smaller one. 

"Hey!," I yelled out getting the larger one's attention. The figures turned and looked at me, the larger one growled and snarled at me before he ran off into the forest while the smaller one collapsed into my flowers. I ran over to the figure, holding the bat close to me in case it was dangerous. 

As I got closer, I saw that it was a man with light brown skin and ice blue hair. He groaned out in pain, he had a pair of cargo pants and a tattered white shirt. He had deep wounds on his face and stomach. He looked at me, his eyes were swirling different colors of blue and purple. I looked around and pulled him up and walked him inside, dropping my bat in the process. 

I didn't know who the man was, why he was getting beat up or how he got onto my property, but I was going to help him no matter what. 

The End

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