Betrayal Rides the Winds

Maku pulled his paint horse through the rocky canyons. Smoke billowed into the blue skies turning them grey and making clouds gather. The horse gained speed, after all it was her home too. Her brown mane blowing in the wind, a raven feather blew off, over the cliff edge and down over the dusty red rocks.

Maku had finally reached the village to find the place over-turned. The huts were smashed and flecked with red and orange flames, slowly the wind was blowing the fire through the whole village. Then it hit him. The smoke filled his nose and lungs. Then a terrible scream pierced his ears, followed by the pounding of the wind. Like drums of war. A black horse jumped through the raging flames, a big man adorned with fur and feathers screached to a halt infront of Maku.

"So you are the great Eagle's son hmm?" He smiled, flashing his beastly white fangs.
"Yes, my name is Maku. Red Demon and I am in line for the cheiftain position." Maku smiled, an air of pride floating around him.
The man laughed. "I am Howling Wolf, chief of the Bear clan and I am here to claim this land."
Maku drew his fathers sword, fashioned from wolf bone, raven feathers tied around its hilt. "Over my dead body Wolf! I challenge you. One on One, a fair fight. Whoever wins shall claim this land. But one thing..." Maku paused. "The bear clan was so friendly towards us, were you just waiting for my father to die, just so you could move in?"
Wolf shrugged his huge shoulders. "Ahh you caught me. I accept your challenge." He dismounted from his horse. "Good luck." He looked over his shoulder. "You're gonna need it." He flashed his evil smile again and disappeared into the smoke and shadows.  

The End

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