Well they happened eventuallyMature

I slipped down those dark and rainy alleyways until I reached that infamous brothel. I knocked on the door and was let in after assuring them I had plenty of money. The room was smoky and sticky with sweat and alcohol and the glorious stench of tobacco. It was like something out of a medieval book.

And the whores! Like nothing I'd ever seen! So buxom and bare!

"See anything that catches your fancy yet mate?" a man behind em with a pipe was watching a woman with a green dress come back down the stairs. Obviously finished with another 'job'.

"I'm sure something will soon." I ordered a tankard of ale and sat down on a plush chair in the corner. Perusing the delights. Which one was to be the one I would 'free'.

Soon a very well dressed woman with a red and back lace dress came over to me.

"Can I entice you sire?" She smiled and I saw how many of her teeth were missing.

We didn't take long in climbing the stairs and stripping off. She looked delicious in the dark of the room. "I see you're ready." She giggled and played with the bulge growing in my trousers. Then she fell back on the bed, pulling me down with her to do her job.

I pulled the dagger from my pocket without her noticing and slid it gently into her. She didn't wince in any pain and I draw it in and out with a speed and ferocity I wasn't sure that I had done anything until she was whimpering in pain. "What are you doing?" she started to sob and I pulled the dagger out.

"Just having some fun." And I slit her throat before she could scream. She lay on the bed, beautiful in her nude bloodied state. I wiped the blade off on her stomach and concealed it again in my pocket.

I opened the window and jumped out, landing with a strange agility of the cobbles below. The air was much cooler here, I was so sure of the coming winter.

I don't know when she was found. I was never caught and no-one ever noticed me really on my return visit the next day when I 'freed' another prostitute.

I guess it was half fear - and half knowing the perils of their job. but they didn't suspect me.

I found a boarding house close to the docks and got a room there. I paid for six months up front with the money I had. The only other good thing about my deeds was that the whores usually had plenty of money that no-one would miss.

The End

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