The murders that didn't happenMature

Hephzibah didn't come back the next day so I managed to get to the next meeting without the fear of being caught by someone I knew.

We performed the usual rituals and I was out. they said that the missing prostitutes had scared the town so much that the pickings would be scare. Best not to continue tonight. That didn't bother me. Nothing did when the I could already taste the kill.

I left into the hot June night., fueled by my anger. I didn't want to stop. I didn't care. Not anymore. I walked down to the areas most of the whores gathered. It wouldn't take long and when they found the bodies I would be a full member.

But it didn't happen. Not that night. Nor the night after. Or any night to be exact - not any night I'd spend in Louisiana. As soon as my father returned I left the house. Took a ship that sailed for England and let the anger fill me.


Stood on the jetty for the ship to anchor and allow me to board. I'll never forget that day. It'll haunt me.

Hephzibah came to the that morning. She was in a mess, her hair was so dirty, and she wasn't corseted. And that meant one thing.

"Paethos. I'm pregnant and you're the only one who." I put my finger to her lips. This wasn't going to happen. Not now of all times. I was a real ass back then - thinking about it.

"I'm not - and you know it." She ran off. Her tears anew-ed. She dropped a note on the floor.

Dear Paethos,

Please promise to write. I know you - and you'll be gone before I am due to give birth. I wish you knew how much this hurts me. If I dropped this - things went the way I expected but hoped they wouldn't. My address for writing is on the other side. i can't write back if you don't to me.

Your dearest friend Hephzibah x

When the ship docked I ducked inside. I should have stopped there. I should have turned and stayed. I should have lived with Hephzibah and married her. Raised our child. But I didn't.  


I found myself in the harbor town of Portsmouth. The air had a different feel to it. It was richer - like this was where I was supposed to be. I stayed there well into my years as a vampyre. I was over two hundred when I left that glorious country.

But I didn't know anything about that when I docked. I picked up the meager belongings I'd brought with me and left the ship. Told one of my fellow passengers that I was looking for a good time as it was my first night in this country. he caught my drift and told me exactly where I'd find a brothel. A house full of whores that I could kill! It felt like a jackpot, like being told where I'd find a pot of gold.

The End

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