Recovery in InsanityMature

The blood filled me, filled my every orifice, poured from my eyes and mouth, even spewing forth from under my fingernails. I was full of the blood, if bulged beneath my skin creating horrid red splotches. Each patch grew until they touched. My whole body covered in the red, seeping out my pores. It drained into the world like wine into a chalice.

The world became nothing more than a goblet for the blood I had spilled. It flowed over the edges and dripped into the dark of space. Blood falling into dust. I'm suddenly inside an hourglass. Halted with a blood clot the sand no-longer flowing. I tread in the fine sand, noticing the squish of it. Each grain another beating heart stopped. the world covered in blood. Not water - just blood.

I awoke with a start. My skin was shedding sweat, when I wasn't killing I was scared. I wasn't insane with the thrill of blood dripping into me. I was a different person - the pathetic side of Paethos Hiram. The sunlight streamed into my room, nearly blinding me with it's ferocity. The murderer! Harmed by mere sun!

I wasn't to return to the group for another month. The killings had to be spaced enough not to be noticeable. So i took to helping my father in the church. I swept the aisle and polished the pews. I cleaned the windows and sang the hymns.

Even God couldn't forgive me my sins. Not that it was the right God, or Gods that I should have been asking for forgiveness. I should have asked Ares, Artemis, Aphrodite, Zeus, Hades, Apollo, Hera - one of them even to be cleansed of my sins. But in my own blood-blind state nothing made sense. I was only alive when I killed and plagued by horrid dreams of death and blood during my sleep and my day-dreams. I lived for the kill.

I was descending into the depths of a pure evil. A true killer. Not just a vengeance killing - not an accident. Someone who delighted in the taking of lives. Every stilled heart made it feel like my own was stronger. Even the Gods would never allow such a twisted being into the underworld.

I was un-killable, immortal because they didn't want me. Obviously I didn't find this out for a while. For then, I was untouchable - the feeling of killing going to my head - I was invincible to my own mind.

The End

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