Who ordered the Torture - Extra Pain?Mature

I tied up the prostitutes naked to chairs in the center of our circle. I played with them a little - this time allowed to indulge my humanity before the kill.

Their bare ankles tied to the feet of the wooden chairs - their hands bound behind the back I started. I turned to the first, a young girl almost my age, already nothing more than a common whore. I ran my blade along her neck, barely slicing into her pale skin. I recall she was a blond, her hair dressed in ribbons to appear even more young than she was.

It revolted me to the core - seeing her with her legs splayed open on the wooden seat - thinking that this was all some sort of kinky foreplay that I'd insisted upon. She was unworried by it all. That still gives me shivers down to my bones this day.

I drew the knife slightly closer into her, this time slicing into her seemingly untarnished thighs. I edged the blade closer to her privates, getting deeper as I progressed until I shanked the knife deep into her, watching how the blood dripped before me.

"This isn't a game... I want out!" She started a scream, noticing finally how hard and deep the blade had thrust. An elder from behind shoved a gag into her mouth and tied it tightly, pulling her face into a twisted mess of tears and pink.

I left her like that, going to the older prostitute who I assumed to be her mother. She'd already been gagged before we'd started. She was muffling sobs and was heaving forward, her breasts spilling further onto her stomach.

"Now don't be so afraid... It doesn't hurt." I stroked her hair, feeling the wet sweat of it under my fingers. I killed her quickly. I stabbed her with the efficiency of a cold-hearted killer straight into her left breast. She sagged down silent.

I turned again to the first whore. She was silently crying now, the tears spilling over her bare flesh.

"Now where do I put this?" I pricked the drops on her chest, the blood mingling with her tears. I'd truly gone insane in this blood-lust.

I brought her death quickly after that, slashing her neck with the skill of a hunter. her head lolled back, exposing the gash to the air. The blood gurgled down her own throat.

A handkerchief was passed to me and I wiped my forehead of the splashes. I Paethos Hiram, was now, truly a monster. Murderer. Slayer of prostitutes. i was truly evil - a hypocrite to what this sect was about. I wasn't cleansing - I was the dirt that rubbed the wound of humanity. 

The End

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