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I was praised highly for the kill by the others in the group - all killers in their own right. I'd joined their league that night, but all I could see was how her blood flowed down my arms and mingled with my growing hair. I was told that the next night I had to bring back two. Scale the torture up, put on a show for humanity - show the world that these whores meant absolutely nothing compared to us.

Her body was chopped and fed to the dogs. I hadn't been recruited to this task. but Gods know how difficult I'd have found it.

No matter how hard I scrubbed - I could still feel the warm ebb of blood on my body. I scrubbed 'til by own blood seeped from scratches into the water.

I was a murderer now. It dawned on me that night. A ruthless murderer. She hadn't stood a chance against me - and I wasn't even used to the kill. I was pathetic - what sort of killer was I? Weak and withdrawn from society hunting down seemingly 'innocent' prostitutes! the thoughts of what they did sickened me, The thoughts of how i ended that sickened me more until I threw up violently.

As dawn approached the group broke up and I returned home to my father. I slept for most of the day, half hoping that when i woke there'd be a mob of people waiting to kill me, half hoping I'd die in my sleep from feverish nightmares.

I came down suddenly with a fever during that day. Tossing and turning in my sleep as I imagined her dying, how she looked to sweet and without shame in death - despite her nudity. My father called a doctor who prescribed bloodletting and rest. my father only allowed the second as he didn't believe in bloodletting. How I'd wished for years he had. My life could've drained slowly and painfully away with my sanity and respect.

I'd killed someone. I killed. I really was a monster. My dreams continued to dark satanic monsters crowding the shadows, sucking life from their victims. I saw their lives drain in swift grasps of their powerful hands on fragile necks. It was truly horrid and so was I.

The next night came only too deftly for my liking. i sneaked to the meeting place and performed rituals in my lifeless state, eventually told to go and prowl in the night for more sacrifices.

Almost blindly I obeyed, pounding the streets with hot ambition burning in my veins. It wasn't long until I per chanced upon two delectable 'maidens of pleasure' as they called themselves. I explained how there would be an audience, how well I could pay. They followed almost as blind as I. One flash of my coin purse that bulged and they were lambs to the slaughter.

The End

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