First BloodMature

I took to the night, hiding in shadows. I thought that if I was going to do this - I might as well have a bit of fun with my horrid task. Not that the prospect of killing really bothered me at that point. I don't think I'd thought of it much.

Killing does bother me slightly now - but I guess that's because it serves a purpose. I guess it was a mixed blessing, more curse than blessing. Becoming a vampyre that is. It is odd to imagine my human life in comparison to my life now...

I found my first victim, she was a harlot. In retrospect a beautiful woman with fire-red curled hair. Her eyes were of the most beautiful blue topaz. They sparkled with life even though her job left her lifeless. I sauntered up to her.

"Why what would a young man like you be doing here? Looking for a good time?" She was wearing a skirted dress that reached her knees. All that blazed through my mind was how much of a slut this woman was.

"Thought I'd become a man tonight." That was kind of true. By the standards set out by my little sect, my initiation was a passage of rites, how to be a real man.

"Well if you can afford it, I can make you a man." She flicked her hair behind her shoulders, showing more than she'd have hoped. I saw her bruises, how they peeked from behind the silken scarf on her neck. They looked fresh.

"Of course." I flashed a copper colored coin from my pocket. "And there's plenty more if you promise me a good time."

She followed like a sheep, down past the houses of the lame and ill, through the back alleys until we reached the headquarters. I knocked on the door and was let in with my whore. I was lead into the ring of people, holding onto the woman with the tightest of grips.

She whispered into my ear, it was a utterance that I'm sure the others heard. "Are they going to watch, because that'll be more."

I whispered back about how I could pay her more than adequately. She continued on with me, stripping off down to less than what I could have possibly imagined. How naive of me! Her nipples stood pink and erect in the death-like cold of the room.

The circle closed in more, each member now standing shoulder to shoulder. there was no gaps. No space for failure. I had to kill.

"Turn around for me - I'd like to see your ass." She silently turned at my request - so sure that following orders would mean more money in the end.

This was her end. I drew a small but strong knife from a sheath in my coat pocket and slit her throat. There wasn't any screams, there wasn't any cloud of red smoke, no songs of demons. Just the sweet sticky end. I had cut her so deep in the neck that the blood flowed freely from her wound and down my arms. She fell back - already dead. But I felt as if she died there, laying in the cradle of a murderer.

The End

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