The room was darkened against even the faintest light of the moon, only the yellow glow of candles lit our faces. Our group, with no official name and fifteen members, including me; were stood in a circle, holding hands, myself knelt in the center with my hands placed on the floor. One of the oldest in the group stepped out of the circle and the hole behind him closed up.

"Paethos Hiram, do you take unto yourself the toils of humanity. The ugly beast that we call ourselves." His voice reverberated against the walls, it sounded so real back then. So authentic of authority. How wrong in hindsight I was, but then again, we all make some mistakes in our youth.

"Yes." I was without  a waver of doubt ready when I said this. sometimes I wish I'd not even thought of it. Gone into the priesthood like my father and his father before him, but then again I'd have never have become what I am now.

"And do you accept the act of initiation. Whatever the consequences?" Whatever the consequences! How blind was I! I really hadn't opened my eyes! I was just so stupid!


"Then let the committee of elders decide."

He turned back to  the circle which broke up - letting him join the three other 'elders'. they seemed to confer silently - although they most probably had chosen my task beforehand.

"We have decided. Your initiation task is to rid this earthly plane of five whores of the night."

The End

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