Makings of a VampyreMature

One prequel to the Cursed stories. This book entails the life of Paethos before the comfortable quad he lives in during the Cursed series

The year was 1716, King Louis XIV is no longer king of France, Uranus had been discovered only the year before and in the June of this year the first slaves arrived in Louisiana. Now at the time, I only knew of the last thing. I'd learned of the others in the years after, during my 'education' of sorts.

I started life as the son of a local vicar in Louisiana, born in 1699 I was to eventually see the change of four centuries and one millennium, something not many can boast except maybe my friends in my cursed life, Charlotte and Alcatraz. Not that I was to meet them for many, many lonely years.

I was just fifteen when my descent into the darkness began. In modern times you'd call me a rowdy teen who wishes for the devil. Back then, in the early months of 1715, I was a man who sought only destruction and possibly death.

On the night of 23rd May, a sticky warm night and my sixteenth birthday, I was finally initiated into a group of satanic worshipers. No longer was I to be simply an overseer of their works. I was to help purify humanity from all that ailed us.

The End

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