The Perfect Shade (the photo wore)

The image of GG Fern Heronie stood three feet high in the middle of the once living room of her large white farm rancher. The photo must have been taken when Louisa’s mother was still a child, her shoulder length white hair was layered and long, a thick auburn blonde mane, and her face was fuller and she wore bright red lipstick. Louisa rushed up the stairs and threw-open her grandmothers make-up case - Fern Heronie would have kept on hand a small amount of blush and lipstick just in case there were company, or a church held function required a more put together look, otherwise she simply wore her hair up with a touch of mascara- she pulled at the lipstick tubes, twisting and untwisting to find the shade, when she did she looked in the mirror and painted her lips the very colour her grandmother had worn in the photo. She cried as the tube touched her lips as they had her grandmothers. Thinking about the kisses her grandmother had placed she delicately touched the tube to the lids of her eyes one after the other and cried.

The End

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